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New art exhibition space at Longstanton Busway

An exciting new art exhibition space at Longstanton Busway has been opened to the public after local artists, councillors and arts professionals celebrated the launch at an official opening.

The impressive Busway structure houses an exhibition centre to teach people about low-carbon living. The introduction of lockable art frames, donated by Swavesey Village College, will help make this a hub for local art.

With over 3.4 million journeys made on the Busway last year, and as the new town of Northstowe starts to take shape that number is sure to rise even further, making the new exhibition space a welcome platform to help local artists reach a huge audience.

Visitors to the busway will be treated to a rolling programme of exhibitions from the best of the region’s local artists. The inaugural exhibition features work by the organisers of the Rheebridge Open Art Exhibition: local professional artists Rosemary Millar, Steve Ferris and Linda Heywood.

Steve Ferris, one of the first artists to exhibit at the venue, says:

“I am so looking forward to getting my pictures into this new space. The fact that the timetable allows for a two month slot is great. It is not a fleeting exposure at one of the weekend venues, and is not controlled by commercial interests. It is, however, crucial that those exhibiting hold the place in high esteem. It is difficult enough to get your work out where the public can see it, but to be allowed such a grand predicted footfall is wonderful. The building is light and airy too and will show off my work well, I think, as well as that of those that follow.”

The coming months will see follow-up exhibitions at the Longstanton Busway by local artists Christine Shepard, Andrew Taylor, Gideon Pain, Kim York, Iona Howard, Sherry Rea, Rachel Vollerthun and Rebecca Burston.

Ellen Nowak, Arts and Community Development Manager at Swavesey Village College, says:

“It’s great to see the Northstowe developers investing in the arts and the local community; it’s this kind of project that will make the new town an inspiring place to live. The feedback from local artists and residents has been overwhelmingly positive and our students are excited about the possibility of exhibiting their own work at the venue.”

Members of the public can visit the exhibition during Busway opening hours. For more details visit